PS Power Plant vs Audioprisim

I realize everyones house and systems are different. I am looking at the Audioprisim Foundation III (affordable for me)vs the PS Audio P-500 (pushing my budget to the max).
Is the difference worth the price? Any comments or experiences with either is helpful. I have an Aragon 40004mkII amp, Melos SHA Gold preamp, Sony 333 SACD and B&W 801 plus Denon DVD-3300, PS Audio phono amp etc. Cheers!
They are two entirely different animals. I run a Chang Lightspeed 6400 for protecting my Amps because it uses no isolation transformers and/or copper coils and hence, it doesn't limit the current to my Cary SLAM 100 tube monoblocs. I live in Miami and I get lightning storms all of the time and for almost four years, the Chang has done its job. This design is similar to the AP F-I-IIIs I believe. I looked at them too, originally and found a deal here on a used Chang for $275, but both companies seem to be good.

Now, I also have a Power Plant 300 from the first production run that I use only for my source components and it's fabulous IMO. The PP500 is a bit different and seems to have replaced the PP600. In theory, these units put out 300, 500 and 600 watts of power, so running all but the smallest amps on them is out of the question.

Still, this being said, the PP units are pretty decent and offer the user a stable, but adjustable power output(frequency-wise at least in my case.) The new MultiWave cards are adjustable for voltage, but mine is 117v specific.

Maybe you should look for a used Chang/AP unit for the bigger ticket (wattage) items and then a smaller used PP300 for all of your source components. You'd probably be under a grand and have the best of both worlds for power conditioning/surge protection.

Good luck, Chris Garrett
First Chrisgarrett, you need to upgrade your original Powerplant 300 to Multi-wave II, I did and the improvement was huge.
Second the PP500 is actually a Powerplant 300 with a little more juice and Multiwave II and AutoWave, plus it has an Ultimate Outlet for amplifiers that doesn't limit current. So you get two pieces of equipment in a standard size component unlike the Power Plant 300.

Go for the PowerRegenerator like the PS Audio Product or a passive product like the Shunyata Hydra... both of these will make a big difference in your system. Also PS Audio offers a 30day in home trial so you have nothing to loose! I will be buying another Powerplant for my Video system that already has a PS Ultimate Outlet (that makes projectors look even better)
Thanks for the comments, all are appreciated. Maybe I should ask if anyone has compared the Audioprisim Foundation III to the PS Audio UO. Both off of Audiogon will probaably cost the same.