PS Power Plant 300 with Multi Ware and Fan

How many fans were installed in the PS 300? (Mine gets one fan and there is another fan housing available)

Can i leave it ON 24/7? (i leave it on 24/7 but it is little warm)

Your input is really appreciated.

I leave mine on 24/7 and it has NO fan at all!
As far as I know from correspondence with PS Audio, ALL p300's left the factory with one fan. The other opening which looks like a fan housing is a vent hole to exhaust air over the transformers. There has been some back & forth talk at Audioasylum's PS Audio Power Forum as to whether it's ok to remove or disconnect the fan depending on electrical load, so maybe some out there have been altered from stock. I leave mine on all the time. Yeah, the P300 gets warm. It's not the most electrically efficient product going, about half the energy it consumes is converted to heat as I recall.
Only the later ones came with fans, and it was needed for people that ran them at their limits do to the heat generated. I kept mine on 24/7 for years with no problems without a fan, but idle is was only ouputing 20watts and at full tilt 120watts... so not a big draw..

Keep it on as your digital equipment sound better after being on for a at least a week
Thanks for all of your inputs.

Happy Holiday.
It has one fan. I disconnected mine after consulting PS Audio and run it this way for over a year with no problems. It did get rather hot though.