PS Perfect wave power cord

What are your thoughts about this perfect wave series of power cables?

I am going through the burn-in of the AC 12, On my amp it sounds fine but switch it to the source CD or Preamp and like all the above comments the sounds is just weird, mid bass missing, highs sizzle, mids thin and grainy.

I have about 30 hours on the cord. I may switch it to the Plasma TV for burn-in or just leave it on my amp for a few months.

300 hours is a long time for me.

I love my Lessloss Signatures, sounded good right away and got better in a few weeks. I will see on the AC-12 progresses.

I like to use it on my preamp with the Lessloss on the CD/SACD player and the other on the amp.
right now i've got lessloss on my intergrated and entry level ps audio on my cdp, which sounds pretty good, and now thinking about upgrading to perfect wave, just which one is good for cdp? my cdp is esoteric, with my cheap xstream punch, it kind of takes off the nasty glare of the treble(it replaced audience power chord e), hence considering higher PS Audio PC, my other question is, are high end PA PC like AC10 and AC12 flexible? My hi-fi rack has about 3ft clearance to the wall, so i worry about not able to keep it securely plugged in or damaged the cord with too much bending.
have been playing around with my ps audio pc's since reading some of the replies above. had been using my 2 ac-10's to power a quintet from a dedicated 20a line and my amp. had 2 ac-5's hooked up to my pwt/pwd.

decided to switch the pc's around. tried both ac-10's on the pwt/pwd to see if it made a difference. as hard as i tried...i couldn't hear any difference what so ever. maybe a more resolving system would show an improvement?. or maybe using ac-10's all the way around (instead of using my ac-5's for the quintet and amp) would have made a difference as well. thinking the ac-5's mixed in there could be the limiting factor??

might try to find some 2nd hand ac-10's or ac-12's down the road and give it another try.
Thought I'd chime in again. Now I've logged a goodly number of hours on the AC12. Unfortunately, to the folks who are looking at the AC12, I had added the Teslaplex outlet which would skew my observations.

This cord seemed to change a lot during breaking. I might have 4 weeks on it now which in this house is a LOT of hours. It has really become a lot warmer than what I would have expected. What this meant in my system is that for the first time, my tube preamp is no longer adding to the musicality, subjective of course. For our ears it's too warm. With the PS Audio PW DAC feeding the Pass 350.5 directly through the Power Plant Premier I'll say this. Glare, stridency, fatigue, gripping the remote, being fidgety, lowering the volume, are no longer in the sonic picture. The more I turn up the volume , the better it sounds. And it sounds amazing. Not the last word in transparency. Soundstage as good as I've heard in my room to be sure. How much the AC12 sets the stage on this is unknown until I further study with another really good cable. Anyone want to drop by with a Shunyata Python?