PS Direct Stream Vs. Lumin X 1 Sound quality difference?

I think I'm going to purchase a Lumin X-1 and sell my PS Direct Steam Dac.
Can anyone share their experience with these 2 products, particularly in sound quality?

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I use my Lumin X1 with a Cerious Technologies Graphene Matrix power cord.

Thanks but I recently bought Siltech power cables and I am quite happy with them.Last night I had a ccouple of hours and was listening to the X1...after 2 weeks it sounds much better, very smooth and fuid now :)
I reread an online review of the Lumin X1 I think it was the Absolute Sound and in that review they suggested running the X1 output in DSD 512.

I just tried it and so far it does sound very good. Better stage presence.

I have tried it as well. But I prefer native resolution, which for most of my collection is redbook PCM. I find conversion to DSD and upsampling generally to sound a little artifical and "processed". But then I also thought the same thing about the effects of the M Scaler when I owned a DAVE.
Thanks. I think I will play it @ the DSD 512 for a while then switch back.

Well I switched back to the native rez and I agree with you.
But man, I am getting some wide open soundstage! I was just playing Get Yer Ya Ya’s  Out- "Sympathy For Devil" and the guitar solo’s are way off to the extremes. And, I have played this tune many times! What an excellent Dac!