PS Direct Stream Vs. Lumin X 1 Sound quality difference?

I think I'm going to purchase a Lumin X-1 and sell my PS Direct Steam Dac.
Can anyone share their experience with these 2 products, particularly in sound quality?


Thanks. The Bartok was on my short list. But for some reason I am going after the Lumin. Maybe its the way it looks?

Ozzy, you can't go wrong with Lumin....good support, well engineered product. If I had the dough I would have gotten the X1 but settled for the T2 and am happy with that choice


I have both but not compared them the same way yet.  With the DirectStream (DS), I have connected via microRendu both with USB and then with Matrix from microRendu and then I2S to preamp.  The Lumin X1 takes significant break-in of at least 200 hours but recommendations say double that and I am getting close now.  It truly has dramatically improved from the out of the box and as I continue to add plaing hourss.

Lately I have been experimenting with running the X1 straight to active crossover and not using the preamp. I have not tried the DS that way. I will try to cut some time this long weekend to do that and will do listening using the same XLR cabling from the DACs to the active crossover.  

I really like my preamp,a Vinnie Rossi L2 Statement DHT, which also has a DAC.  However, the X1 direct to active crossover has provided excellent results.  If you do not have other sources you wish to use, this makes for a very simple connection system.  It will be interesting to do this with the DS.  Both PS Audio and Lumin provide free updates to their platforms.   I was one of the early ordering owners of the DS, and it has been completely trouble free for me.  

I hope to post my impressions next week.


When you can please update your impression of the sound quality  between the two Dac's. 
It would be very helpful.

Well I ordered the Lumin X1 and traded in my PS Direct Stream. I hope I did the right thing.
We'll see...