PS Direct Stream Vs. Lumin X 1 Sound quality difference?

I think I'm going to purchase a Lumin X-1 and sell my PS Direct Steam Dac.
Can anyone share their experience with these 2 products, particularly in sound quality?

I haven't heard either but I think I remember seeing a post from someone who had owned both and thought the X1 was big step up.  It should be at double the cost, right?

If you search the forum you can probably find it.  Maybe it was in the Bartok v X1 thread, as I'm interested in Bartok and have been following those threads, but I can't remember for sure.

Thanks, I am going to the Lumin to reduce components, cables etc, but I am very much hoping for improved sound quality.


Thanks. The Bartok was on my short list. But for some reason I am going after the Lumin. Maybe its the way it looks?

Ozzy, you can't go wrong with Lumin....good support, well engineered product. If I had the dough I would have gotten the X1 but settled for the T2 and am happy with that choice


I have both but not compared them the same way yet.  With the DirectStream (DS), I have connected via microRendu both with USB and then with Matrix from microRendu and then I2S to preamp.  The Lumin X1 takes significant break-in of at least 200 hours but recommendations say double that and I am getting close now.  It truly has dramatically improved from the out of the box and as I continue to add plaing hourss.

Lately I have been experimenting with running the X1 straight to active crossover and not using the preamp. I have not tried the DS that way. I will try to cut some time this long weekend to do that and will do listening using the same XLR cabling from the DACs to the active crossover.  

I really like my preamp,a Vinnie Rossi L2 Statement DHT, which also has a DAC.  However, the X1 direct to active crossover has provided excellent results.  If you do not have other sources you wish to use, this makes for a very simple connection system.  It will be interesting to do this with the DS.  Both PS Audio and Lumin provide free updates to their platforms.   I was one of the early ordering owners of the DS, and it has been completely trouble free for me.  

I hope to post my impressions next week.