PS audioPower Port Receptacle

id like to hear feedback from owners of this recepttacle (the grey 50 dollar one). Ive got 2 dedicated 20 amp circuits, and the receptacles i used are the commercial ones at an electrical store..12 buck each, vs .79c normal ones in homes. i will say they grip the plus Very well..i doint hear any noise, just wondering if its worth upgrading...ty
Well it certainly was much better in my system than the builder's unit. Frankly though, I'd spend $36.00 on a "Porter Port" here on Audiogon before I dropped $50.00 on the PS Audio.
Unless you have 20 amp male plugs on your equipment (if you do, you can order a 20 amp receptacle) you will grossly exceed the performance of the PS Audio with a standard special order (there's an oxymoron for you) 8200H (and be sure to specify 8200H not just 8200 or 8300) Hubbell receptacle which has non-plated contacts from your local electric supply house, unlike the PS Audio which has heaps of layers of nickel on top of the brass contacts (not a good thing). The Porter Port is a cryoed Hubell 8300H, as is the 8300H that Takefive Audio sells for $21 Cnd. (about $19 U.S.). Takefive has higher shipping costs, but if you are buying more than one receptacle, it becomes much more cost effective and is a downright cheap upgrade.

Burn-in is particularly important with cryoed receptacles, but once fully burned in, you should definitely hear a difference with these or Albert's receptacles, and not for a huge outlay.
I use the PS Audio Power Ports and like them very much and felt they were worth the should be able to find them for less than fifty bucks. I replaced Pass & Seymore hospital grade outlets ($6 USD)and felt they were an improvement. You can do a search on this subject here and read until your hearts content.

I had a power port,which I eventually replaced with an Oyadi plug. PS power ports excel in dyamics and bass, but they have a hint of harshness to them. This may be due to their nickel plating which can be magnetized. On the whole, they were a clear improvement over the regular plugs but I prefer the more expensive Oyadi to them.
My experience has mirrored "behnegar".
I'm having an odd problem with a power port. Maybe some one else has had this experience. I'll normally unplug everything if thunderstorms are likely in my area. When I try to plug back in, one of the two recepticles does not want to let the plug in. I'm using Signal Cable power cords (2 of them) and it doesn't matter which one I try to plug in - same problem. I can eventually get a plug to go in, but usually it requires entering from an angle (to one side or the other) as opposed to straight on. Anybody have a similar problem? My next step is the PS Audio forum. Thanks.