PS Audio xtream statement or shunayata taipan?

Hi, folks,

I need a new power cord for my amp - pass x350. I am thinking of PS Audio xtream statement and trying to convince my wife that I need a new power cord. Then I also sees shuanayata taipan also seems to be a good one.

Anyone has any suggestion/recommendation between the two?

Thanks a lot,

What is your basis for "seems to be a good one." I have experimented with three powercords and have a PS Audio xstream in route. I have a Tara Labs AC reference cord and an Audio Magic Illusion cord. The audio magic is silver and the Tara a copper cord. I have used them only with CD players and found they make a difference. I previously owned a PS Audio Lab II cord. The Lab II was huge in size and took about three weeks of continuous playing to break it in. It never sounded as good as the Audio Magic Illusion. I expect the xstream to also require a long break in period. My suggestion would be to find two dealers with a thirty day return policy and than play them continuosly for three weeks to break them in and than keep the one that sounds best.