PS Audio Xstream digital cable. Any users?

Hello, I have been discovering that most digital cables in the $100. price range are mediocre at best, except for one. The empirical audio cable. It is VERY good. An audiophile/Tube-amp manufacturer friend of mine and I have made a couple of different very simple digital cables with great results. BUT...I came across the PS Audio Xstream digital cable website and got seduced by the blowing of their own horn. Can anyone here confirm that this is a great cable or is this just Xstream hornblowing. Thanks
I'm using it for almost a year now. I think it's one of the best digital cables for the money. You can find one around $125~$150. Try to audition one if you can.
I'm also using the PS audio digital cable. It is all they say it is...a great sounding cable.
Thanks for your responses. The resolution of my current system is to the point that every digital cable has a very noticable effect. They (PS Audio) tout the Xstream cable as comparable to cost no object cables. Since discovering that there is much to be desired from digital cables under 2 or 3 hundred bucks, in absolute terms, I would really like to know if this PSA cable has been compared to some of the best out there...that would back up their claims as being the very best digital cable period. I'm going to find one to audition soon but wanted to know if others here had heard comparisons. Thanks all.