PS Audio XLR Statement vs Cardas Golden Cross

Has any one compared these two cables as I am currently using Cardas Golden Cross Balanced interconnects between CDP to Pre and Pre to Power. I am considering trying the PS Audio StatementXLR's but am wondering if this would be a good experiment as the PS interconnects are less than half the price.I've gotten excellent results with other PS Audio cables and gear. Any input would be appreciated.
I started with the Xtreme digital, then Xtreme Power Plus on my DAC, then RCA Statement between DAC to Pre, then another RCA Statement Pre to Power, then another Power Plus for Pre. The Xtreme series are basically under price. Don't let the high price tag of other brand mislead you. I was going to get the Golden Ref. but decided on the Xtreme Statement because they are better even though cheaper. More natural, and best of all they open up after only 30-40 hrs of run-in. However, the biggest improvement was when I upgrade the Xtreme digital and the Power Plus. And make sure you don't use the Statement Power AC for anything other than the power amp. I've tried it on Preamp and the Power Plus was better. I was skeptical when the salesman told me they a couple of his client end up upgrading all his cable to PS Xtreme, now I believe him!

Will the PS Audio XLR Statements have warmth like the Cardas Golden Cross?

I need the Warmth going from the Simaudio W-10 mono's to the Maggie 20's.

If PS Audio XLR Statements will provide that and "be better" as you say and be extremely cheaper, I'm IN!!! Thanks, Dave
I use the Statements with Logans and they are very nice! I didn't try the Cardas but I had XLO type 5 which were very fast and detailed but needed just a slight bit a warmth and statements did this and more! I too agree that they are a good value. I use all statements through out for IC and Speaker wire and Statement for my power plant but I found the Lab II sound better for everything else! Happy Listening!
Dave, I kind of know what you mean with Sim Audio gear. Have listen to them with Shunyata cables and cond, PMC FB1 spk, sounded clean and open but slightly thin. My experience with my first RCA Statement upgrade was improvement overall, natural but did notice reduced mid-bass although the overall freguency response became wider. After upgrading my preamp power cable with Power Plus, the whole frequency spectrum become even again. It seems as though my preamp wasn't getting fed through with enough power to cater for those extra copper from the RCA Statement.. strange! The Statement interconnect can be sum-up as truely natural sounding, definetly carry the weight required and low level details, and lien just slightly to the warmth side. Just make sure your preamp and amp power cable are up to the task. My gear - ProAc 2.5 spk, AQ Caldera spk cable w./ AQ silver jumper, Symphonic Line pre and power, Assemblage DAC and upsampler. And as far as Lab II power cable, I've listen along with Balance-Audio gear, ProAc spk, AQ Everest spk cable, found the overall sound excellent but just slightly lacking low level weight, could be the AQ 100% silver spk cable?