PS Audio versus Musical Fidelity amp/preamp???????

Hi Guys,

I am considering either the PS Audio HCA-2 amp and matching pre-amp or the Musical Fidelity A3.2CR amp and preamp. Anybody listened to both and tell me what you think? I have not found any info on the bass quality of the Musical Fidelity although the reviews are very good. I like the look of the Musical Fidelity better, but am going for quality of sound first. Please help! Thank you.
IMO, you can't go wrong with MF gear.
I am a new comer, so mu comment may not be accurate. But I owned a MF A3CR, which had a very good review too. But when I tried it with an old Krell KSA250, I didn't think that they matched very well. I got a lot of noise. Then I changed to either Rogue Magnum 99 or BAT VK-5 (the oldest version one). I compared the MF to VK-5, I found that the VK-5 sound more dynamic and much cleaner (actually more everything). It's true though that the price of the VK-5 is twice of the MF A3CR. Regards.
PS audio PCA and HCA are superb duo and beats MF gear (in the same price range) hands down. I am looking forward to the PS audio new GCx series amps but won't sell my PCA/HCA, I have owned both MF and PS audio, I agree that you can't go wrong with MF, but you will feel better with PS audio.
Has anyone heard the PS Audio GCC-100 in combination with Magneplanar MG1.6QR and have some feedback about the sound and suitability of such a matching?
PS Audio says the 100 wpc (8-ohm)/200 wpc (4-ohm) GCC-100 is the best sounding of their new 'control amps'. Would this be sufficient power to make 1.6QR maggies sing?
I'm looking for an alternative to a Bryston B100 SST integrated since Bryston seems to have a reputation for being a bit harsh in the upper registers. Budget is about $3K so I'd prefer to stick to integrateds. Seems the HCA-2
got some favorable comparisons vs. Bel Canto and Classe, so I'm kind of intrigued.
I listen mostly to classical/jazz and I'm looking for neutral transparency, detail and a natural, musical sound.
My listening room is 14' x 11' x 10' high ... I plan to use the 14' wall as the front wall. The room is open on one side to an adjacent room (separated by a kitchen countertop). I'd also appreciate feedback on whether this is enough space for MG1.6QR speakers to perform up to their potential.