PS Audio used with BAT VK-60 monoblocks

I have a PS-AUDIO 300 (used with BAT VKD5SE CD player) and a PS-AUDIO 600 (used with BAT VK50SE Preamp). I like the results of the PS AUDIO gear, but, the problem is that the units do not allow for enough power to be drawn to service the compoenents. Thus, I purchased a PS-600 just for use with the BAT VK50SE Preamp. I also have BAT VK-60 Monoblocks (awaiting return from a BAT "SE" manufacturer's upgrade. Currently, I use BYBEE QUANTUM FORCE CHARGERS on the Amps. I am particularly intersted in purchasing a PS-AUDIO 1200 (new product) for the Monoblocks. Will this offer enough juice for the Amps without "choking" the sound? Also, any recommendations for Interconnects and Cables. I have Reference 3a Royal Master Supremas as speakers.
Hi Prostarsound, I'm sorry I can't offer any advice on your questions except to say that Victor and Steve recommend plugging in the 50se and VK60s directly into the wall socket. As far as cable and interconnect suggestions go you have to match what is right for your speakers. I've never heard the 3a Supremas so I don't know what interconnects and speaker cables would match your system best. I do know that the times I've talked to Victor and Steve about cables they like top of the line Nordost, Aural Symphonics, and Cardas. I would call them and ask them for advice, Steve has always been very helpful and never made me feel like I was taking up his time. If you wouldn't mind getting back to me after you get a chance to listen to the SE version of the VK60s I would really appreciate it. I also own the mono-VK60s and the 50se and I'm thinking of upgrading to the SE version of the VK60s. Your input as well as others would be very helpful to me on deciding whether or not to get the upgrade. You can reach me at [email protected] Thank you, Tom
Hi Prostarsound, I was wondering if you every got back the "SE" version of the mono VK60's? I would love to read your thoughts on the upgrade. By the way, I hear the new VK150se are incredible but haven't had the chance to hear them for myself yet. Any input from others on how the new BAT tube amps sound (VK75 VK150 and "SE" versions) would be appreciated. Many thanks, Tom
The BAT VK-60 SE Mono-Amps are awesome! Please check out the Amps ASAP. Prostar