PS Audio unveils their PS Audio Directstream DAC

First of all I have no affiliation with PS Audio, just an interested observer.

PS Audio has just announced their successor to the Perfectwave MKII called the Directstream DAC. It implements DSD and eliminates the PCM delivery system and uses a Field Programmable Gateway to acheive results which they say will "uncover more music on redbook CDs than was possible.

A full explanation can be read here:
I am a fan of PS Audio and their products, and if this new DSD DAC pans out, I'll probably buy one - or at least the upgrade (I currently own a PWD MKII). What I really want however, is to better understand what the purported benefits of DSD are over PCM - and not from a technical white paper... I really want to know if DSD is a superior format over PCM from a "musical / sonic" perspective. Some "so-called" industry experts disagree with the theory that DSD outperforms hi-res PCM files.

I will appreciate any information from those of you with specific knowledge and experience in this area...


From what I understand, those of you who already have a Perfectwave DAC I or II can upgrade to the Perfectwave Directstream DAC since it uses the same chassis.

CEO Paul McGowan explains it here:
Thanks Aurelius... What I'm hoping to find out here, is whether DSD is really a better format than hi-res PCM, and if so, why. Does anyone have any experience converting hi-res PCM to DSD... And does DSD truly sound superior...??
Good question you asked. It may sound different but is there genuine sound quality/ music presentation improvement to be gained?