PS Audio Ultralink II- Quick query

Were all of these made with HDCD capability? If not, how can one tell one from the other?

NOt all of them were made with HDCD. I don't really know how to tell the difference per se. I know that I own one that doesn't have the HDCD. I heard both and I preferred the non-HDCD one. But I can't say that would be the case with everyone.
My understanding is the Ultralink was a non-HDCD 20 bit converter while the Ultralink II is a 20 bit converter with HDCD.
On the front panel, there is a led for HDCD which I think it will light up when the CD is HDCD. I just tried a HDCD CD but it didn't light up. The user manual didn't mention this feature either.

You can call PS Audio for the answer.
Not all U2's were HDCD(Mine wasn't.