PS Audio Ultimate Outlet vs. UPC

I am thinking of adding some power conditioning back into my system. I used a HC UO in the past with good results. I have 4 components to hook up, Simaudio CDP, Simaudio i5, Sony DVD and Samsung DLP. I am wondering which method is the superior sonic choice:

1. UO powering my simaudio CDP and sony DVD
HC UO powering my i5 and samsung


2. all 4 from a single UPC

I look forward to any comments/suggestions, especially form anyone who has compared the UO and UPC head-to-head. Thanks!

Suggest you post this on the Audio Asylum PS Audio group thread..Paul the owner will give you direct advice.
From reading the PS Audio group threads, I sure you'll find that Paul will recommend using both UO and UPC. Normally he recommends keeping digital seperate from analogue gear. I'd say keep your CDP and DVD on the UO and i5 and Samsung on UPC. Apparently the UPC is switchable so that is two outputs can be isolated or combined for greater current load capacities.
Simaudio CDP, Sony DVD, and Samsung DLP, to UPC. Simaudio i5 direct to power outlet. Voila!
Thanks, I'll try that.
Thanks for the suggestions guys! I have posted a thread on the PSAudio Forum over at AudioAsylum as suggested, so hopefully Paul will chime in there. Thanks again!
Well, after Paul's recommendations on the AA PSAudio forum I have ordered a Power Director from PSAudio. Thanks for the help!