PS-Audio Ultimate outlet vs Blue Circle Music Bar

I have an intergrated amp, DAC, transport. Thinking of a power conditioner that doesn't limit current. My amp has always "humed" and you can faintly hear it when nothing is playing if you press your ear to the speakers. I hope to run all my equipment through 1 bar, or perhaps just my digital if I opted for the PS Audio. Anybody compare the two? Are the Ultimate outlets for amps only?
A hum you hear though the speaker is most likely a ground loop. Use a cheater plug on the amps's power cord to remove the ground and see if it goes away. If not try the cheater on other components that have grounded plugs (3 prongs). A ground loop problem will not be solved by conditioning the power, although some conditioners have ungrounded outlets as well as grounded ones.

If you're trying to get rid of the transformer hum of your amp, you are probably better off with a device that regenerates power. Filtering power won't do much for "DC Offset" which is the most common cause of transformer hum. (Blame your power company).

So try the PS Audio Power Plants or the Blue Circle Music Rings. They will more likely solve transformer hum. I assume it is not a poorly designed power supply in your amp.

These two company both make good products that do what they say. I sell Blue Circle, so obviously that is what I use exclusively.

The Blue Circle Music Bar is a power bar that has the filtering found in more than two BC86-Mk3 power pillows. The PS Audio Ultimate Outlet cancels out noise somehow. The Music Bar has 6 outlets, the Ultimate Outlet has two I believe.

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Thanks Tom, I bought the BC606 and it made quite a difference, I'm very surprised...actually so surprised I've started from CD 1 and started going through my entire collection. It's amazing how a certain haze and glare are gone and everything sticks out more now.