PS Audio Ultimate Outlet/P300 power cord ?

I am in the midst of getting the PS Audio Ultimate Outlet and the P300 power regenerator. I was wondering what combination of power cords would be best to use with these units. I am using power cords from a few different companies and was wondering if I should be putting the "better" power cord between the Ultimate Outlet/P300 and the power receptacle, or if I should be using the "better" power cord between the UO/P300 and the component (cd, preamp, dvd player). I would like to hear from other PS audio owners to see which combination works best. Where does the power cord make the biggest difference?

For me it made the biggest difference on the P300 with which I used the PS Audio xStream Statement. I used an older Synergistic research pc on the HC/UO.
The pwr cords seem to make an improvement where ever you place them if you use hi quality after market versus stock. Having said that, I use my best cords last in the chain connected to source components.I have many Ultimate Outlets UPC-200s,P500,and other conditioning products and last seems to work best for me
I would say put the best power cord to the source as Skipaulamusic recommends. But there are so many variables; nothing beats your ears for the final test. Enjoy!
I have a good success using costum power cord model
11, but the ref1 dcca extreme is the best I have,
for this application.
I feed my P300 with an Electraglide reference. The P300 feeds my preamp with another Electraglide reference.

I find a crappy power cord in either position is noticeable.
I use my High Current Ultimate Outlets with PS Audio xStream power cords with very good results.