PS audio Ultimate outlet or Quintet?

I've been using UO and UPC 200, both use baluns for conditioning. They both work great but I have limited experience in power conditioners. I use MAC sound pipes for cables. Are the duets and quintets "better" products, or simply different-- is it worth upgrading?
I had a 20 amp UO for a few years and then bought a Quintet. I believe it is better as it is newer. PS Audio claims to have made improvements. But I use it only on a few components and it is plugged into a Running Springs Jaco. So as far as sonics I can't give a fair evaluation.
But I like the size and the switching capabilities, which the UO didn't offer.
I used 2 Quintets before switching to the PPP, now use one on my HT. They are quite good: HIFICRITIC found the Quintet better than the Duet. Not only improved the sound but also inproves the picture on my plasma tv.
I could not stand the Quintet in my system. I found that it mucked with the treble too much. Initially the cleaner sound of the treble leads you to believe that the Quintet must be working well. But over time the treble gets annoying. I ended up moving it from my big rig to the downstairs theater system. It drove me bonkers down there. The treble had too much of an edge to it.

You should try to demo one of these - or buy it used at a low enough price where you can sell it again if you don't like what you hear.
I'm Curious Kennyb, what power cord did you use on your Quintet? I found the highs pristine and pure of tone. My Quintet is on a dedicated 20amp 10awg line with a Powerport Premier outlet, from there I run an AC10 to the Quintet with great results!
Jdub: i agree and have the same set-up as you. dedicated 20a with an ac10 to my cryo'd quintet. use another ac10 to my amp and 2 ac5's to my transport and dac. improvement in top end is what i noticed most. i'm a big fan of PSA's power products as they've worked very well with my gear.

just goes to show you how important matching the right cords/power supply with your particular set-up is. no one size fits all here. trial and error is the only way to get it right.

Hey Levy03, nice setup must be the loom! What differences did you notice from cryo'd Quintet from the stock? Iv'e thought of sending my cables and Quintet in for this treatment.
thanks Jdub, never compared cryo'd to stock. picked up the cryo'd quintet a couple of years ago. a vender was offering them at nearly the same cost as stock (thinking it was about $20 more back then). decided to try the cryo'd version based on some threads i had read regarding the benefits of the process in general. no regrets, as the quintet does a wonderful job. with dedicated lines(and good outlets)....i don't think you need anything else.

I bought a duet and returned it since I didn't like the sound of it compared to my 20A HC Ultimate Outlet. I would say it is mostly different and definitely not an obvious upgrade in my opinion.