PS Audio Ultimate Outlet. Does it work well on amps?

I currently use a PS Audio Power Plant 300 for my source equipments. I am thinking about adding an Ultimate Outlet for my amp. Does anyone have experience with this product? I am somewhat hesitatant to use a line conditioner for my amp, as I have found that many don't necessarily make the amp sound better than having it connected straight to the ac outlet on the wall. Any insight you can share will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Hello, I have 2-300 powerplants and love them. I also have a 20 amp Ultimate Outlet and I strongly urge you to give it a try. I have a new Classe 301 amp on it and they sound great together. Most PS Audio dealers will give you a 30 day in home trial with the Outlet, so what do you have to lose except a few bucks for shipping? One word of caution, dont expect to get blown over right out of the box, let it burn in. Take at least 3 weeks to listen to it and then remove it and see what you think. It does not alter the sound of your amp, it opens it up, cleaner and darker background, more air around the music. I enjoy it.
Good Luck to you & GOD BLESS THE U.S.A. !!!
I have tried the UO high current version with a few amps (Rotel RB-1080 up to a Krell FPB 300c) and it definately adds a level of blackness to the background but it also seemed to sap some of the pace and drive from the music. I found it can be a trade off but would suggest trying it in your system since there is the 30 day money back policy.
look into equi tech balanced power supplies

they don't run hot like the PS audio

Steely Dan uses their power applications in the studio and on tour
You need to use the 20 amp version, which works well indeed.
I use 20 AMP UO with my ARC VT-200 power amp which is a big boy. It works well but it requires the Lab Cable.
You mean you need a good set of power cords before the outlet as well as after?
In my case, it's before the UO and plugged into the outlet. The PC shipped with the UO 20 AMP seems to restrict the power needs of Audio Research VT-200. VT-200 PC is not changeable. BTW, the power port seems to work well -- better than the one that the contractor bought for me :-).
I agree 20 Amp UO from PS Audio works outstanding have two.
Yes, you need good cables before and after the UO. That's where DIY can really pay off!