PS Audio Trio C-100 low input normal?

just picked up a PS Audio Trio C-100 and it sounds great, the only question i have is that when playing thru my speakers the input volume needs to be almost past half-12 noon (turned up +50%) before you can hear anything. is the normal or is something wrong? inputs used were a sony es cd player, music hall phono player with a cambridge audio phono stage. both require the amp to be turn pass half way, but once past half it get loud quickly.

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my P200 which is similar only has to be at 1100 and it is loud.I would think the TT would require more volume but not the Sony
And remember these use gain control which is not the same as a volume control
I used one of these about a year ago while waiting for an amp to be repaired. I don't recall needing to turn the volume up that high. Mine was the C-100 with Cullen mods though.