PS Audio Trio C-100 integrated. Opinions??

I recently purchased the trio c 100 from another audiogon member to use with my LSA1 monitors. So far the amp is fairly enjoyable. Good timbre, fairly transparent, and overall the sound is very clean. However, I feel that it's a bit lacking in dynamics. The overall dynamic range seems a bit constricted, and micro dynamics seem to be a bit lacking. Are there any other owners out there that might share that opinion? If not, what is your opinion of this amp?

I'm enjoying a C-100 right now. There are two different versions of the C-100. The original version has a slightly rolled off top end and sounds warmer. The second version has more snap but retains the nice bottom end. I had both versions here at the same time and originally, I preferred V1 but after a few days I switched to V2. I can tell you it takes about 200 hours of use before it settles down. Also, it's best to leave it on all the time; it only draws a few watts. I also compared it to a pair of modified Red Dragon Amp-1's and a Bel Canto S300iU. The Red Dragons had a more tube like sound, but I'm looking for a an integrated, so I sold them. The Bel Canto sounds a little more detailed, but it has the advantage of a built in DAC. So, I'm going back and forth between the two. Do, I keep the C-100 and add a small DAC or do I keep the S300iU and use it's internal DAC. Decisions. Speakers are Gallo Reference Strada's and sources are computer audio and a Squeezebox Touch.
That's interesting. I didn't know there were two different versions. Do you remember where you read that? I'm curious to read more about it. How were you able to determine which of your units was v1 versus v2?

I bought this one used off of Audiogon, but I'm not sure how old it is. I would not describe it as being particularly good with snap, but it is perhaps just a tad warm, but not much.
Didn't read it, I had both versions here. I had many conversations with Scott at PS audio about the two amps.