PS Audio transport/DAC

At current, my cd-source is a PS Audio Lambda 2 (Special Edition?) transport and a PS Audio SuperLink 3 (HDCD) DAC. This is some elderly gear, although very solidly built. Ik bought this stuff secondhand for some 600 dollars (500 euro's). Now I'm wondering if it would hold it's own against newer competion in the same price range, or say up to 1.000 dollar. Any idea's? Altenatively, since none of these units came with a manual, does anybody have (a copy of) these manuals? Thanx in advance.

PS These units were a huge step forward compared to my former cd-players: a Marantz CD 63 II Ki and a Sony CDP-X559ES.
The dacs outdated and the transport will be a dead weight when the laser mechanism goes. The lambda is the better of the two. Both units are straight forward in operation, so a manual isn't really necessary.