PS Audio Statement pc vs Plus pc

Has any one made the comparison between PS Audio's Statement power cords and their Plus power cords from amp, preamp, CDP etc. I'm hearing some people say that the Statements work well mostly with amps but the Plus work better with front end and source gear. Does anyone have experience or feedback?
I have not heard the plus but I have a statement on my cdp and love it. Deeper bass and blacker background are the results.

I have both in my system, the plus on my preamp and the statement on my Sony SACD player. The statement unfortunately is better. I don't know why, but the difference is one of more space, more solidity, more dynamics and a general sense of ease to the sound. When I first heard the plus I thought great, I preferred it to my Shunyata Cobra on the SACD player. I figured I would get another for the preamp (my power amp requires a 20 amp iec which you can't get yet on the X-Streams). However I found a decent deal on a Statement on Audiogon and decided to try it. I feel it is worth the difference and I nearly paid for both with proceeds from the sale of the Cobra.