Ps audio statement biwire to speakers


I am new here and I really need help from you . I just bought the PS Audio statement cables Biwire and they have 4 different colour ( RED, WHITE, BLUE AND BLACK ). My question is what colour is for the positive and negative up and down? or it doesn't matter. My speakers are JM Lab Cobalt 816 Biwire . Thanks for your help.
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Are you referring to the color at the end of the cable,right next to the actual spade?? All the speaker wires I've ever seen are black and red,(one each)at that end of the wire.Red is always for the + connection to the speaker,which should be marked as such. Your amp should also have a + post,where the red goes at the other end. So it's red to red,for each amp end and that red goes to each speaker + terminal...Further I'm assuming you have one spade each for the AMP end and 2spades each for the speaker end.---For some wires they might designate a certian spade for the low end. (usually a thicker wire)As you trace the spades from the red+ from the amp---each of these should go to the + on the speaker--top and bottom posts. The black goes the same way to the - posts,top and bottom.
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In crossover design the typical usage is:
Low frequency use red and black.
High frequency use white (substitute for red) and blue (for black).

I am not familiar with the cables you have but if they are all connected at the amp end and all individual wires are the same construction then it really does not matter as long as you connect each speaker in the same configuration.

If the wires are different construction (red/black different gauge/material from the white/blue pair) then put them as indicated above.

Good luck.
Don_s is right, usually in bi-[wire cables the second set is of opposite color to the first (ie black/white and blue/red)