PS Audio Sprout - NAD or Parasound for desktop?

I need something small with analog inputs, headphone and power outputs.

In about the same price range is the PS Audio Sprout, an NAD D 3020 and a Parasound Zpre/Zamp combo

Last I heard NAD master's DAC it was painful, so I'm least excited.



Out of curiosity, what was painful about NAD Master?  I have only heard that NAD is warm, but I have not head it personally.
I only heard the NAD master once, and cold, it had a really hard and congested top end at the dealer.

The little Parasound ZDAC was so much better.

I did not get a change to hear if it improved after a while.

I'm not sure what your source is but if its a computer I would highly recommend the PSB Alpha system and an Audioquest red DAC combo I heard the NAD and wasn't impressed as much as the PSB Audioquest combo.

The PSB speakers are powered (20wch class ab) with one RCA input as well as the line input from the DAC. They also have a matching subwoofer that's actually very well integrated. As a whole its a wonderful sounding system that's musical and has a huge sound stage that has great dispersion. I tried a bunch of systems and these PSB speakers are supper good for the money.

I already have the speakers, thanks!

Just need an amp. Has to have headphone out too.
I have a silver Zamp in my closet if you decide to go that route. I replaced it with a single ended amp. It is dead quiet and built like a tank. It resolves detail as good as any. It doesn't boost the bass like other little amps which can be good or bad, depending on your speakers and love for mid-bass.