ps audio silent server

Has anybody heard anything about the ps audio silent server. From my understanding you can hook it up to the perfect wave dac with the bridge and it will control your music without a computer, any info would be helpful, thanks
Have you tried contacting the nice and responsive folks at PS Audio?
Yes I did contact there website and have heard nothing back, thanks
This is why it is called a silent server. PS audio is absolutely silent on the server.
I would choose music server over the silent one.
Marakanetz, yes I could get the ps audio perfect wave dac with the bridge installed and then stream and store music thru a mac mini, but with the silent source you will not need to use a computer, ( thats what the ps audio website says at least), this is good for me because I would like to eliminate the computer from the setup, thanks
Semantics. The silent server is actually a dedicated computer.
Check out the PS Audio Community Forums, Latest PS Audio Topics.

This question has been asked twice in recent months and Paul McGowan has posted to both threads but has not given even a possibly, maybe, if everything goes well estimate. So I don't think that it will be any time soon.
My first answer was to the question, When will it be released?

I don't know why, but I thought that was the original question. The PS Audio Forums are a good source for information about their products though.
My earlier response got nuked by the auto-mod, but yeah, the PS Audio forums are full of excellent information about PS Audio products from employees, users and even the owner of the company.
My Netgear router (media server with USB hard drive attached) bit the bullet. I am tired of waiting for the silent server. I either buy a new Netgear, or I have a Mac Mini I can use. I have the PWD Mkii with bridge and wireless dongle (so fun to type that word) would a a mac mini enter the equation...can it stream wirelessly to the bridge? I didn't think it was a NAS but instead the proprietary Apple Air Play nonsense.