PS Audio's new HCA-2 Hybrid .Comments Please

I had a chance to demo the new PS Audio HCA-2 amp at my local dealer.I was really quite impressed with the amp,though when I deceided to look in the postings of AudiogoN(my favorite stereo place)to see what was available I found 5 such amps for sale.Is there something I don't know or didn't hear when I demoed the amp that these users found to make them deceide to sell the amp.ALL imput on this amp will be truly appreciated.
ALSO:any suggestions on amps ranging in the 1000.00 to 1500.00 price range?Mono amps included.
I have Infinitys RS1b's and I use a pair of Denon POA 6600a's for my bass towers so I am looking for a amp(s) to run the mid/tweet towers.
WOW!!!!prior to posting my thread I didn't relize there was so much chat about the PS Audio HCA-2...
tlaking about opening a can of worms...Whew
Have not heard the HCA, but for your price point you would be hard pressed to beat a Spectral DMA-50, or 90. I have yet to hear a better amp, period.
Well I can say one thing with all the bashing and finger pointing and hoopla and bad spec reports about the HCA-2 they are (selling like crazy)on audiogoN.The only one lurking behind is the HIGHER priced one posted from a dealer.(as usual).
So why did that wild and crazy thread begin anyway????
Doesn't make sense.