PS Audio Regenerators - P5, P10, P12, P15

Currently I have the P5 powering my front end 2 channel system. Amplifiers running directly from the wall as is subwoofer. Separately I have a projector that I was running off of a Pure Power 1050. The Pure Power unit died and I don't want to get it repaired (too many horror stories). I am looking at either a used P10, new P12 or new P15. The P10 or P15 would replace the P5 and I would connect the projector and subwoofer (JL Audio f112 v2) to the unit so all my equipment except the 2 channel amps would be connected to one unit. A P12 would be for the projector and sub only (so I would have a P5 and P12).

Money is obviously a factor if I go for the P15 as with trade in it still costs $5,000. A used P10 is under $3,000. Any thoughts?

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For anyone who uses one of the latest generation PS Audio power plants (P12, P15, or P20), do you power up your components by switching in the PS Audio regenerator, or do you leave the PS Audio in stand-by mode and power up your components individually?  After two days with a P15, I am coming to the conclusion that it is best to leave the P15 idling at all times and to switch my components manually.  Reason: It "seems" (and I use that term to reflect the subjectivity of my opinion) that the P15 takes a while to have its max effect on SQ, if you start it up from cold prior to each session.  Thanks for any opinions.
I have the P20 and leave it on all the time.  The only components I partially shut down are the BHK pre and 300's front ends to save tube life.  I had twin P10's prior to the P20 and followed the same protocol. I do believe my system sounds best fully warmed up.

To the OP, I would sell the P5 and buy a P20 and plug everything into the P20.  I have twin subs, mono blocks, electronic crossover, pre, dac, and two other front end components plugged into it and run the P20 at 30% of it's capacity. I have always made out better selling my gear personally and buying right through a dealer.
P15 here. Love it and run TV and all 2 channel, except my sub. Drawing less than 5 A at normal levels. 

I'd expect a P20 would sound even better but it's a step up in price I couldn't  do

Leave mine on all the time and leave my system in standby