PS Audio Quintet with Shunyata Hydra

Have anyone compared them? I have the Shunyata Python Helix Alpha replaced the PS Audio Plus SC plug into the PS Audio and found the sound improved a lot. Now I am thinking if I change the power conditioner will give me more? I have source plug into the conditioner, amp plug to the wall.
The PS Audio Quintet is an excellent entry level product,but the Shunyata Hydra series is a whole other level, and would be a significant improvement over the quintet in every way.
I don't think the Hydra is over the Quintet. Just that the Plus SC power cord is NOT a very good cord. You need the Statement SC to bring out the best of the Quintet.

You need to make a fair comparison between power cords. I think the Python Helix Alpha is way more expansive than the Plus SC, more than double?
I changed from the hydra 2 to the 4 and the differance was Quite substantial.Someone took the veil off my system,Not to take away from psquintet but i think rcrerar got it right.The hydra two i believe is evey bit the quintet and more acording to reveiws.Leave it up to your own ears,But for my experience the two isnt even close...imho.(stick with shunyata cable).
I have a feeling that changing to another PS Audio cord won't give me a big different like changing to Shunyata. I upgraded from PS Audio Prelude SC to Plus SC but I did not hear any differences. Changed to the Python give me a lot.
Get into 4 or 6 or 8,(lots of them out there).If your ears and system are half descent...your in for substantial upgrade,cant tell you what a differance it made.all system dependent i believe in that,Its always worth trying.