PS Audio Quintet shut off

Has anyone had problems with a PS Audio Quintet or Duet shutting off and then coming back on? The blue light will be flashing and then it will eventually shut off. It comes back on in less than a minute and this will happen again...maybe in another hour, maybe 2. Per PS Audio, this will happen when the voltage varies enough. Not a surge but an increase that lasts longer than a split second.
I've gotten the module from PS Audio that is more tolerant of voltage change (80v-130v) but it still happens. I've asked my electric company to put a monitor on it so they can see the fluctuations but they act like they don't know what I am talking about. Any suggestions?
I have the same problem. I just emailed PS Audio to see if they have a solution to keep it from turning off and on.

I know they will probably say that it is protecting the equipment from too much voltage, but it seems like it happens way too often.

What module are you talking about that is more tolerant of voltage change?
I have no problem with my Quintet. It has never turned itself off and on as you described. I think you should demand a new replacement unit and see if you have better luck. The newer ones do not have these problems. If not, then go back and question the electric company again.
Both the Duet and Quintet are rated for a 15 amp line or 1750 watts. If your equipment draws more than that from the line (i.e., during peak draws), it will reset itself to protect the equipment.

I have a Power Plant Premier that is capable of 1500 watts of AC regeneration and a Duet for my TV and cable box plugged into a dedicated 20 amp line.

I haven't had any resets with the Duet although the PPP reaches its limit sometimes given the 1800 watts of peak draw of my amps at maximum output.
The one that solve my problem has a rating of 90 to 145V.
Ribit, it's the part of the Quintet and Duet where the AC cord plugs. You remove a screw on the bottom and it pulls out. I don't know if the module has a name or reference no. I called PS about the issue awhile back and this is what they sent. It has a wider latitude of voltage tolerance before it shuts down.