PS Audio Quintet Power Center - which powercord ?

I want to use the PS Audio Quintet Power Center mostly for my TV & DVD player and was wondering which cable from wall to the PS Audio would be suitable. I'm specially keen in getting a PC which also gives me the flexibility to use it for hi-fi as well.
Bearing the above in mind would the PS Audio Statement be a good choice ?

Cheers and thank you
I'm using a signal cable magicpower cable on my Duet (same line as the Quintet, but smaller). You can pick one up used around here for $40. It works, but I didn't notice any difference in sound with the magicpower vs. the stock cord.
PS Audio Statement is an excellent choice. Tek Line cables is another. They have some new PCs. I am, evaluating one of them now. AS I do not yet know the MSRP I am unable to tell how great a value, but they sound terrific. FYI my system was wired with all Statements.
For a power cord from the wall to your Quintet, the pre-SC version of the Statement is a excellent choice because of the larger gauge and good material. However, it is not so good if used DIRECTLY with audio components.

If you like a power cord that can pass a lot of power and can be used directly with audio components as well, you will need the Statement SC.

Just like to remind you that you need to use GOOD power cords from the Quintet to your components as well to take full advantage of the Quintet. The Pro AC-11 from Harmonic Tech is a best bang for the buck power cord in its price range especially in the used market.

Have fun.