PS Audio PWT / PWD digital connection

Is it RCA or BNC? I've seen pictures with one or the other, but can't tell if it is actually available with BNC connectors as an option. Anybody know?
The coaxial digital connection on the Perfect Waves is via RCA, and BNC is not an option. However if you audition or purchase the pair it is recommended that you evaluate the provided I2S connection using an HDMI cable. It uses independent conductor pairs for the digital data and each of the three clock signals, which none of the other connection types provide. This method is supposed to result in a reduction of jitter and seems to be the preferred connection by most users.
i own the ps audio combo. the hdmi connection with the cable supplied by ps audio is fatiguing. i would not recommend it.

there is no bnc input.
Well, now I'm just confused.

i have no doubt Mrtennis is in the minority regarding his impressions of the hdmi connection (and the perfect wave combo in general). many/most folks who have tried the I2S/HDMI connection (and commented here and elsewhere) think the hdmi is the best way to hook the PW pair up.

i'll go a step further and say the I2S connection is what enables the pwd/pwt to run with the big dogs. my limited A/B comparisons proved this to be obvious to me at least. did some detailed testing using some nice esoteric gear and found that only with the hdmi line, were the two close. the pwd/pwt makes for a very good digital front end using traditional hook-up options. they become an outstanding digital front end and giant killer (giant peer is more accurate) using a high end hdmi line.

not a tech guy so i have no explanation as to why. the most obvious improvements i found were improved extension up high and down low. more/clearer detail up top. much better 3d imaging/soundstage. midrange smoothness like i've never heard before.

as always....opinions will vary.

The HDMI cable used definitely affects the character of the sound. Some users that find the PS Audio HDMI cable too forward in perspective (in a particular system like Mrtennis) might want to try the Harmonic Technology Magic Audio Only HDMI cable. It was designed specifically to optimize digital audio transmission and provides a warmer presentation that in some systems gives a more natural and musical perspective.
Mine has RCA. I'd call the peeps at Music Direct. They're helpful and friendly IME.
Tony, Music Direct must be using a pre-production photo. The BNC was replaced by RCA...see Here
That must be it. Too bad. I know PS Audio is promoting their I2S connection, but for something as cutting edge as this it's a shame they didn't provide a proper 75 Ohm connection as the coax alternative. Odder still seeing that they must have thought about it at some point before full production.
PS Audio did think about the connections. They found that their HDMI was better than BNC, SP/DFF, single mode, glass, toslink, or any other mode.
This was not an "oops" we forgot to do this. Purchase a HDMI cable from PS Audio, Signal Cable, or your favorite brand and enjoy!
I agree with Lev, it is one of the things that makes the PS Audio stuff special and competitive with the best out there.

I you really want combination of PWT/D then ask PS Audio to chanhe RCA to BNC as an option. You will pay may be $100 extra... call them.
Can an ordinary HDMI cable be used between the PWT and PWD I2S ports or is a specialized cable needed?
i own the pwt and pwd.

i have used hdmi, but it is not my interface of choice.

yes, you can connect the hdmi cable to the i2s digital input of the pwd. try it, you may like it.

i own ps audio's top of the line hdmi cable but i don't use it.
Can an ordinary HDMI cable be used between the PWT and PWD I2S ports or is a specialized cable needed?

No special HDMI needed, any will do. You do need HDMI to use the I2S feature, unless you use the soon to be released Bridge. I2S is the way to go IMO.
Thanks for the help Mrtennis and Srwooten!