PS Audio PWD. who's in line to cross the bridge??

just got the monthly news letter saying beta tests have begun and release will come shortly. lots of new info/pics on the PSA discussion forums.

anyone else pre-order the thing? (man i hope it works =) )
I plan to pre-order, but I hope that 'pre-order' doesn't mean 'pay $599 now and we'll put you at the end of the list and you'll get your bridge in a six months to a year'. How did the process work for you?

talked to them last week and was told pre-orders will go out in the order they were received. glad to here they're not going to screw folks who purchased the PWD thinking the bridge would be $500-ish. seems anyone who purchases the PWD after July 1, 2010 will pay the new and considerably higher $799.

was told i'd have mine in august. we'll see??
Read This:

Final days for PerfectWave DAC/Bridge pricing deals + pre-order
Anyone purchasing a PerfectWave DAC before July 1, 2010, is entitled to a $200 discount on the Bridge and preferential treatment for bridge ordering. Just FYI.

What this means is the pricing on the Bridge officially goes from $599 to $799 (in the US) on July 1 and ordering of the bridge after that date is on a waiting list that starts at the end of the line. Basically, this means anyone who has ordered or taken possession of a PWD before July 1, gets the bridge at the lower price.

If you remember, we did this dual pricing bit to honor those of you that purchased your PWD early on - and have been waiting for the Bridge - but we felt it was important to give as many of you as possible a chance to get the bridge at the lower price.

Pre-ordering has started for the Bridge as well but there’s a cutoff date of August 1. It’s going to take us some months to fill all the pre-orders for Bridges so we have to enforce a cutoff date. Also, pre-orders will only be accepted by authorized PS Audio dealers and distributors around the world. PS Audio will not honor pre-orders from un-authorized dealers or distributors nor can we accept them directly at our offices. The volume of pre-orders is just too big and we need to lean on our dealers to handle this one.

If you don’t have a dealer, or if you need us to help you find a dealer or distributor, we’ll be happy to do that for you. We always do our best to take care of our customers and this is no different, we just need to ask you to place the order through your local dealer so our sales team is available to handle the normal deluge of questions about the products.

To qualify for the $200 discount on the bridge, your PWD serial number must be registered in your name on our website registration page before July 1, 2010. The only exceptions will be if you can show the dealer an invoice for the PWD purchased before the cutoff date. The dealers have to submit the serial numbers they are selling the bridges to and those serial numbers have to be in our serial number database to qualify.
Very curious to see how this wireless option works out. I've been holding out returning to computer audio until a high quality, reasonably priced wireless solution is proven out.
I pre-ordered mine last week thru my local dealer. He agreed to charge a $300 deposit on my cc with the balance due when the Bridge arrives. Hopefully that will be in a couple of months. I'm still waiting on the arrival of my Maggie 1.7's which I ordered on April 15th.

Whatever happened to instant gratification?
I pre-ordered my Friday.
Oops- I meant mine, not my...
Ordered mine too
I went ahead and placed my order last night. My dealer backed off on the up-front payment in full requirement. I ended up paying a 50% deposit. He gave no assurances about delivery time.
I just got a pwd. Still don't understand why I can't put a thumb full of flac into the back. Guess I gotta read the instructions.
Any word on when units will be shipping?
Got mine today :-)
Any Idea what the bridge will cost in Europe? All PS audio gear is a lot more costly in the Europe compared to the US. The PPP is €2750 in Europe in the US it is $2000 €2750=$3800.
It works and sounds great!!! Keep in mind that there are still some bugs to be worked out, but that was to be expected and PS will be making firmware updates available via the PWD front panel interface (via the Internet). You won't regret the purchase!
2chnlben, have you gotten any hirez files to play?? I'm having issues with Alac files at 24/96 or better not playing.

I read your post on the PS site. Hopefully Dennis can figure out what the problem with ALAC is.

All of my files are FLAC, so I don't have any experience with ALAC. For the most part, my 96k FLAC play well (albeit with some intermittent dropouts).

PS Audio has been so incredibly great in solving problematic bugs/glitches that I am totally confident their forthcoming firmware updates will remedy all issues. It takes time. Look at Logitech and Sonos (and I’m sure there are others). They have all issued multiple firmware updates.

Hang tight...
I know they're working on it. I can always just convert my hirez alac files to flac but I'd rather have them all alac.
If I get a PWD, I have no intention of doing the Flac/AFLAC/Nyac/Quack-Quack/Yack-Yack hi-rez dance. It'll be CDT into PWD enjoyment...if it's any good.
If you get a PWD?? In your "system" you list that you have one. Is that just a dream system?
I saved face by inserting "coming Soon" in parentheses.