PS Audio PWD MkII vs W4S DAC2

Has anyone done a comparo between these two DAC's. Love my W4S Dac2 but if the PWD MkII is a big step up, I might get the itch. Most interested in coax connection; less in USB.


I use a Bryston BDP-1 as a "transport" --not for CD's but for digitally stored music on HDD or thumb drive, and use the AES/EBU output to my W4S DAC2. Bryston was a gamechanger for me. not a believer in music out of a computer in the conventional sense. Too much going on in that small case.

Will broadcast if I hear any input -- so to speak.

Thanks! I am looking to PS Audio quite carefully and have contacted them directly. Also speaking with MSB Technology about their UMT Transport.

The link you posted was an irritating read and I wouldn't use his advice at all(I hope he doesn't speak the waynhe writes).
tabl10s, perhaps you should have just ignored it instead of writing an irritating comment.
for the record, i have never heard any of the DACs mentioned in that link for a long enough period of time to have an opinion with regard to his conclusions following his comparison.

but nglazer was asking for comparisons between the W4S and PWD and the fellow who wrote that had done a comparison between the W4S, PWD, and several other DACs.

whether or not you agree with his conclusions, it is a comparison.

i see you own a PWD, tabl10s. no wonder you found the link irritating. perhaps you can say something substantive to refute his assertions as to the relative merits of each DAC and help the OP, rather than making unhelpful comments addressed at me.