ps audio pwd mkii preamp break in time?

  I have the psd mkii dac and was using it thru a preamp but the other day I decided to hook it straight into my amp.   It sounds really good and for the most part as good as going thru preamp exect it is just a little bit more lean in the midrange.  Any have any experience with switching there pwd direct into the amp?  Will the preamp stage need some time to breakin?  thanks
There really isn't a separate preamp section, the signal that you output to a separate preamp is the same signal when run direct.  The PWD controls volume in the digital domain, not the analog domain like a preamp does. When using a separate preamp you were probably running it at 100, but when using the PWD as a preamp you will be running less than 100.  Keep in mind you should try to keep the volume for serious listening above 60 (approximately).  You can go a little lower for casual or background listening, but below 60 you start losing data due to the digital volume control.  When I had a PWD I tried running it direct but my amp was too sensitive and I had the volume in the 50s most of the time.  Now I have a DirectStream and it's volume control is much more adaptable.

Just a note of caution because of the DSD recommendation.  I had a PWDII and swtiched to the DSD and it actually didn't have enough gain for me.  I had to run it in the high gain mode to get close to enough volume and could still top it out somewhere a bit below concert level.  The high gain mode also increases the noise floor so that I could hear a very significant hiss out of my system.  I ended up going back to the PWD.  Coincident SEIIIs and 300b monos with the DAC direct into the amps.
thanks to everyone who responded,  I went ahead and hooked it back up to the preamp and it just sounds better that way