PS audio PWD MK2 a real upgrade from MKI?

I own the MKI with the bridge and I am considering on sending the unit to PS audio for upgrade, it will be $900, so I decided to ask the audio community to see what is their experience with the upgrades, for me as a full time graduate student every move it has to be done wisely cause I don't have extra cash to be experimenting.
I will really appreciate your comments and personal experience in this journey, the reviews are excellent but I want to hear from this forum before any further move or desition.
King regards and Thank you once more.
I upgraded my PWD and have been quite happy with it. The upgrade was fairly simple and the sound is a little cleaner, more three dimensional, and relaxed. Not a huge improvement, but a definite upgrade. I got the upgrade at the "introductory" price of $800, but the most recent price was $1000. I say "was" since they have discontinued making the upgrade kits. Not sure if there are any left, but I would check with PS Audio before assuming you can get it done for $900 or any other price. There have been a few people selling their upgrade kits here and on eBay, but I would make sure you get the right one, there are two or three versions. One last thing, while not implicitly stated, Paul McGowan has inferred that a Mk III could be coming, but I would bet that's at least a year away. Good luck!
Digital upgrades are tricky right now given the pace of change. That said, upgrading my MK to the MKII was the best bang for the buck I've gotten since I went to a $5000 power conditioner. The MKII upgrade is worth every single dime.

I expect to stick with this unit for at least a couple of years because improving on it right now would mean doubling the list price of the unit to something like an EMM lab or dCS unit. The NativeX invention incorporates a digital lens that makes everything you run through the unit twice as musical as before. Reviewers say the upgrade takes the unit to another league. My ears agree.

I recommend springing for the Hifi Tuning Supreme fuses down the road if you get upgrade fever again. The new board takes just as long to burn in as the new unit be patient. Happy trails!

Let me know if you'd like to sell your Jena Labs jumpers. They would be synergistic with my Jena Labs speaker cables.


I am a big fan of HiFi Tunig Supreme fuses. What size does the PWD MkII use, where is the fuse and how does one access it? Some of these components are tricky to open.

Thanks and regards.

In my opinion the Mk II is a definite upgrade. However, it is not a night and day difference.

If money is tight and you enjoy the Mk I, I'd save the money and wait and see what PS Audio comes up with for a music server, if they ever do.

Here's a link to the how-to on PWD fuses:


All I can say is one man's "yawn" is another man's "night and day." LOL

In this hobby, small increments are what most upgrades are all about. Put it this way; I got bigger yields from the $900 MKII upgrade than switching from my Meitner Bidat to the MKII. Was it "night and day"? Maybe not in common parlance, but to this audiophile, it was "major."
That post should read "switching from the Meitner Bidat to the PWD Mark I"
Hi Vhiner, I admit that my ears are not the most sensitive and I do not get to listen to a lot of different gear. Maybe I should have explained that in my post.

So if the OP is good at hearing differences he should take your advice. If he sometimes wonders what all the fuss is about when he hears an upgrade, maybe he should save the money.
ditto Vhiner's comments regarding the upgrade and the fuses. both are well worth the price of admission imho
Add me as another (relative) "night and day" vote. Before the MKII upgrade I liked the convenience of the DAC and liked, but did not love the sound. Now I really do love the unit. One of the best purchases I made while upgrading the stereo was getting that MKII board.
Based on advice I decided not to upgrade to the mkII, and wait for something new to come out, certainly as a graduate student I don't have tons of cash for the hobby now.
I will wait and see.
Waiting for the right time *always* makes sense. Happy trails.
Like computers, only BUY/REPLACE when necessary. Invest your $$ in mature areas of the system. Amps, pre ...