PS Audio PS600 Leave on, Turn off or Unplug

I just recently purchased the PS Audio PS 600. When it was turned off, I still could fell the vibration inside the machine when I touched it. So I wandering the best way to prolong it’s life.

Please advise your suggestion(s) or share your experience(s).

Thanks in advance and happy listening.

Without any doudt, leave it on at all times. Also, do not keep it on carpet or directly on the floor. Even if all you do is to cone it, the improvement will be dramatic.

Thanks for your recommendation.

But how sound quality could be benefited from leaving it on all the times or floating it by cones?

Four 2" cones at least is a great idea. Vibrations have a very negative effect on electronics. While you're at it, put cones on everything in your system. You will be glad you did. Go on the website and you'll be set free. Don't you keep your amp on all the time? My amp has been on for 6 years. You'll know after you leave it on for 2 hours. Listen then, and see if you can hear a difference. You should.
No Offense, but some of these responses sound more like saleman fishing for customers, as for your original question, why don't you contact ps audio and ask them, good luck
Samski, these responses above are valid. The proof lies in the listening.
Leave it on continuously if you can afford the increase in your electric bill, else shut off and unplug. Simple, isn't it? By the way, the P600 is built to be on continuously without damage. I asked PS Audio about this. Just remember to vent it well such as putting it on a dedicated amp stand and coning it.
Yes, I have left mine on all the time.