PS Audio PS-300 one each for mono amps?

I have a pair of Audio Note Ankuros 75W PSE 845 based tube amps. I am using an Aesthetix Io Phono with volume to drive amps. The Amps drive highly modified Wilson Watt3/Puppy2s. I just got great results from adding a VPI SDS to my Basis TT. What experience have you had with PS-300s, and would the sound improvement going to one for each monos amps be worth it. cheers, GerryM5
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Gerry, I think the PS300's are well worth the expense. they will open your system more than you can imagine. I use them on both the front end and my amps. I also have some vintage United 845 tubes and some G.E. 211 tubes if you are interested. You have not heard your amps if you have not upgraded to these.
Don't take this as negative on PSAudio, just a caution on using with amps. My P300 would not fire up my 65w widescreen tv with nothing else hooked into it. McGowen's literature says the P300 is recommended for source components. Get the bigger ones for amps. This is just my experience. dr
have you heard of the RICHARD GRAY POWER COMPANY? it has no current limiting which allows you to plug in any amplifier! they also outperform the PS AUDIO on front end components. they sell for $700.00, email me if you want to try one.
Reference The3dman's comment about the Gray Power Company's superiority. I'd like to read the review that makes that claim..The PS Audio has a completely different engineering approach (DSP controlled power amp) then Gray and the other line conditioners.
PS-300 are great on source components, I own two. The have been discussed in other posts on this site. If you really want to drive your power amps I would suggest PS-600. The peak to average power consumption of power amps is very high. If you can't get a meter or scope to be able to measure your peak draw off the power lines look at the fuse rating for a rough approximation of the power requirements for your amp. You DON'T want to skimp on peak current to your power amps.
Thanks for your comments. Mailed PS audio with my question and Paul M wrote back to try 3 P-300s first on 30 day home trail. That's my plan. I'll what I think of the home trail. Had lunch with Jack Bybee and he said the P-300 impressed him as being designed well and being an outstanding value. If I like it the 3 P-300 set up and sound then I will have Jack modify these with his components. More in a few weeks.