PS Audio Premier / Statement SC power cable

I'm thinking of trying one of these two power cables. If you use one of these in your system, please help me make a decision. The Statement SC is certainly priced right, I wonder if the Premier SC is that much better (is it worth the difference in price?). How would you describe the sound of either the Premier of the Statement SC in your system?

I currently use three CRL 'Gold' power cords in my system. I love them, but they are horrible to work with as they are stiff as a lead pipe. NO JOKE! Everything about this power cable is world class, but I'd like to have a presentation with just a little more body and weight.

The other power cable I'm considering is the Purist 'Dominus'.

Thanks...I look forward to hearing back from you!
I have a Statement and it's the stiffest cord I've ever had or seen! Get a little extra length as you'll need it to wrestle around corners and such.

But it sounds fantastic - well worth it!
That's a nice rig you've got. I use a Statement SC as an upgrade from the Statement...more definition, better defined bass....worth the cost. Premier? Who knows....PS Audio gives you thirty day home demo and that maybe the route to go...get both PC's and see what you like best.
I just bought about $2500 worth of Premier SC power chords . i really hope i've made the right choice. The statements that I now have are very good They are pre-SC). I have a lot of trust in the P.S. people. We'll see soon enough. meric
I tried many many many different power cords on my Power Plant Premier. It is VERY sensitive to PC and also vibration. PC's I tried include: PSA Statement SC, Virtual Dynamics, DCCA, Fusion Audio, several Synergistic models, Shunyata and a few others. The Synergistic Research Precision AC was the best PC that goes with the PPP. This cable provides tons of power, has ultra clarity, perfect soundstage, has no grain like all the others have, very extended top to bottom and is flexible enough not to be annoying.. Truly an amazing experience. Demo one from The Cable Company.
I just swapped out a Mini Lab on my Cary 308 Pre Amp with a Statement (not SC, but have an SC from the wall to my Ultimate Outlet, which is powering the Pre).

I might be totally nuts, but it seems like the highs are rolled back, there is less headroom and the higher-end transients are diminished.

There seems to be a smoothnes now, but I'm not sure I like it.
I've experimented with different power cords on different components, and have found that the bigger PS Audio cords are better on amplification than on source components.

As such, I like them with my amp and on a Power Plant, but like Mjmch find that they tend to roll back the highs and decrease detail when used with a CDP or phono stage (I have an integrated, so haven't tried them on a preamp).
I think you nailed it.

I'm running Nordost Heimdall throughout the rest of my system and sort thought their power cables would be too lean (with my Cary CAD 200 SS amp and Piega ribbon tweater speakers), but I could be toally wrong.