PS Audio Premier Power Plant or Audience Adept AR6

Which is the better power conditioner? The PS Audio is a regenerator and may provide better bang for buck with more outlets.
Can't speak for the Audience. I have both P300 (now powering home studio gear, and going on 8 years without a hitch) and Premiers for both two channel systems. The improvements are substantial in all three cases and my sense is that PS Audio is making quality regenerators that make an audible improvement. At this stage I would find it hard to consider another brand or design.
The Premier is still at the lowered priced of $1,700 new, and refurbished 'new' ones can be had for $1,300 I bought a referb from Audio Advisor last month.
I own a Furman Ref20i used for amp, receiver
Own the Primier used for TV and pre and DVD
And own a Monster 7000SS for sources
I would always go with the regenerator over the "condititoner". Creating new AC emancipated from the "grunge" on your power line is hard to beat. Filtering the slop on the power line just doesn't get it done to the same degree!