PS Audio premier ... any problems?

there are a lot of used PS Audio premier to sell ... any problem one should know?

I was thinking of buying one (220 V) ... any advice for a concurent product?


I have been using my 230V schuko-plug PS Premier constantly since August 07 (incl. for TV and power amp). I blew a fuse on two occasions in the first few weeks (never knew why), no problem whatsoever since then.
I had a lot of problems with a P1000 regenerator. I traded it in for the Premier model and I never had a problem with the Premier unit. Jeff
My PPP is sitting back at the factory as we speak. Started making a clicking noise like an open relay that would not stay shut. Tried everything they told me at PS but to no avail. Had to send it back (they picked up the shipping!!). This is the first time I have ever had a problem with any PS gear. One last thing...I can't listen to my system without the PPP in it. The difference in quality is that great. Hurry up guys!!
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Not having a PPP of my own, but having several other PSA power conds. I can assure you they'll remedy whatever situation arises post haste... IF or when they do.

outstanding support. Many of their products allow transference of the warranty too.

the only question remaining then is it right for you & your gear?
There have been many reports of problems with this unit,mostly on the psa forum. PSA has updated their forum two times recently and most of the threads complaining about the ppp have been lost. What percentage of production units had or have problems I do not know. The complainers tend to speak the loudest but many report no problems and love the product.

I would suggest looking into the Audience power conditioners,my personal favorite,but if you do decide to buy the ppp I would suggest buying one with atleast a year left on the warranty as the warranty is fully transferable.
I talked with PS yesterday and they said that they will honor warentees on used equipment only if it was originally purchased from an authorzied dealer. If you call them with the serial number and they will confirm what if any warentee if left on a used unit. BTW they were exceptionally helpful on the phone