PS Audio Premeir vs. New Shunyata power cond.

I have B&W 802 Speakers, Krell Home Theater Standard surround preamp processor, Krell 300cx Amplifier and Day Sequerra FM Reference Tuner and will be running all my gear through dedicated lines. I am considering several power conditioners, the new PS Audio Premeir Power Regenerator as well as the new Shunyata unit. Their have been several units already on Audigon on the new PS Audio unit and I'm wondering if there is a problem with the unit or possibly that it doesn't perform well? Does anyone have any experience with either of these units?
Walnut, I have the older Ps-300 and it made a significant difference in my system. So much so that when I saw PS was offering a modification program for the 300 I sent it out figuring it's going to be even better now. I miss it, but when it gets back, can't wait. I think they really work and I imagine the new premier is a good deal better than mine. I have zero experience with Shunyata but PS Audio makes great stuff. Just purchasaed a Statement power cord as well, noticible positive effect there too.
I can't speak to the Shunyata power conditioner, since I have never owned one of their units, but I do have the Premier. I purchased one on Audigion many months back, and am happy with it. I will say that if you plan on having the Premier within a few feet of your general listening, area, it is a little noisy at times. I have my Premier racked in a mid atlantic rack about 17 feet away, and cannot hear a thing.
I have the Power Plant Premier running everything in my system, and it works great. The built-in analyzer shows me that my AC is coming into the PPP at 118-122V with 2-3% THD, and heading to my gear at 121V with 0.4% THD, quite an improvement. The Multiwave setting also makes a nice improvement over the standard sine wave in my system, giving a noticeably fuller sound.
According to the latest newsletter from PS Audio, there seems to be some issues with the earlier version of the Premier. But the newsletter did not go into the details. I am sure if you browse around the PS Audio Forum, you will find tons of discussion on what these issues are. I suspect part of the reason why there are tons of them on Agon is becuase of the issues in the earlier model.

The PPP preforms GREAT. It does benefit from upgrading the power cord AND isolation.
Tweak1 or AIT. I have a 10 foot Voodoo Mana power cord connected from the PPP to a PS Audio Solist outlet, which works great. My question is due to lenght between my Mid Atlantic rack and my PPP, I didnt want to run a 20 foot upgraded Power Cord to the PPP from the Sub, due to $$$$. Have any of you seen or heard a considerable difference plugging a sub directly into something like a Solist and bypassing a PPP or equivalent?
My sub is plugged into the PPP, but I don't think that is as critical as your main speakers. You should be fine plugging the sub directly into the wall (except for power surge risks).
Suggest you consider the Exact Power EP15A regenerator...only consumes 15 watts at idle..the PPP consumes enough to make you notice your electrical bill has gone up.