PS Audio PPP owners how do your amps sound

plugged into your Premiers compared to straight to the wall? I know they're designed to power an entire system. Do you hear a definite improvement with your amps plugged into the Premier or is it the opposite and you're now going directly to the wall with your amps? Thanks
All my components were plugged into the PPP with great result.

Then I plugged my powered speakers into the Duet and my system never sound that good before. The brightness was gone, so make the mid a lot better. On the other hand, NO lost in bass punch.

I know the PPP can handle my powered speakers, but I would rather put the power amp on a seperate dedicated line. If you have one one line, then it doesn't matter.

My point is, even the passive Duet can make my powered speakers sing, the PPP will make them fly. I will wait till I can afford a 2nd PPP for my speakers.

Get one. The current product lines are way better than their old stuff by a large margin.
The "dirtier" you electricity is coming into your house the better almost any conditioning will sound. I have fairly "dirty" AC and I replaced my P600 with a PPP and the PPP sounded better-mostly imaging and depth. If your amps are relitvely small, use the PPP, but sometimes conditioners aren't "fast" enough for larger amps. I only use it for my sources/preamp-the amps go directly into their dedicated recepticles. Best to try one out and listen.
I also try a new PPP unit at home with my system. I found that it improves soundstage, wider and deeper. It increases micro details which normally I could not hear when i use direct cabling thru wall socket. It definitely improves bass details, It creates a very dark background so that the resolution, listening fatigue all improves. But one issue makes me nervous during the test week is upper mids and highs. I found that there is a lack of high frequency energy. The high frequency objects and instruments are more laid back and thinner, contrary to wider and stronger mids and lows (First I thought the sound without PPP had too much noise at the upper frequencies which make a brighter presentation so that PPP corrected the problem, however after hours of listening i concluded that this is a problem). When these two come together, it makes a darker and less exciting presentation with a tricky tonal balance. Has anyone detected that kind of similar problems? Is the unit sensitive to break-in period and/or placement?
Any feedback welcome.
Yes, the unit really opens up at 500 hours. Give it some time.
Yes, that what I found after swapping power cords from the PPP to your components. You need to use really good power cords after the PPP to get the high detail back.

I found the PS Audio Statement SC is a very good match after the PPP. My system is not bright after all. Actually, this is true for the Duet and Quintet as well. You really need a GOOD power cord after the filtering of these products.

By the way, all my power cords have been cooked for 120 hours using a cable cooker. That certainly help to smooth out the brightness as well.
Thank you for valuable comments, i will try to use it some other high quality power cords to see the effects. But first priority as far as i understand from this forum topic is to burn the unit upto 300-400 hrs.
Agree with above. I had my SET amp plugged into the wall and it now sounds better plugged into the PPP. I have a CD player as the only other component plugged into the PPP so it is not being overly taxed to begin with.
It took a while for this thread to get some legs, but thanks to everyone for your feedback on amp performance with the PPP. It looks like I'll eventually try the PPP.
PPPP absolutely improve my gear including amp. soune is cleaner and bass is tighter.
I just got a used PPP so I think it is somewhat burned in. Even so, I found that it squashed my dynamics. I am still in the process of burning in all the power cords and components so it's hard for me to make any conclusions just yet... My amp is a PS Audio Trio A-100. I have not tried switching back to wall power as I have lightning and brownout conditions around me.
Yep! Happened to me also, takes 400-500 hours for burn-in. Give it some time and stick with it Connect your computer to it, makes the burn-in time go faster. It will come around.
I have a PS Audio PPP at home for a try. I think it isn't that good for dynamics with my Air Tight ATM 3 tubed mono amp (115 watts).
Very good for CD and analog.
I have a hum coming from a ground loop Ican't "kill". I'm thinking about an Equi=tech fot that. What do you think about this idea ?