PS Audio PPP

I have my PPP output voltage adjusted for 120.00 +.02/-.00. The PPP's output display alternates between 120 and 121 VAC. The PPP indicates my dedicated wall outlet has 1.8% THD which the PPP reduces to 0.4%. I adjusted it about a year ago.

I decided to check it again and take additional readings. All the output outlets measured exactly the same.

One set of outlets powers a Mac MC402, another set Mac C500T and the third a Rega Planet or Basis TT motor. Turning any component off or on did not change the voltage. It does increase to 121.3 for a fraction of a second when powering up the MC402, but then stabilized.

Pretty impressive piece of engineering considering I'm running it at ~85% it's load capacity. I also appreciate the added clarity it adds to my system's sound.

I have no relationship with PS Audio, just wanted to share these observations.

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I had one. Had high hopes but it didn't work out in my setup. The PPP is like every other audio piece in that "your mileage may vary." It works very well in some setups and not so well in others. Nice thing is buying it used means you can try and re-sell at no loss if it doesn't work out in your setup.