PS Audio PP600?

Hi, I have Classe 201 (200W/channel), and it's mark 800W at the back of the amp. However, the PP600 handles only 720W, so my questions are 1/ Do you think that the PP600 can handle my amp without limiting currrent? 2/ Does the PP600 care about how lound of the volum you play or just the number of watt listing at the back of the amp? Thank you very much DT
The amp will draw more currrent as you play louder so the wattage will increase but the P600 should be able to handle up reasonable volume. Turning on the amp will draw the most current for a few milliseconds. If the P600 can handle this, you should be ok.
The PP600 is just an amp making A/C and its protection circuitry will shut it down when you need more power than it can deliver to keep it from blowing up. Be very careful because if you plug sources and your amp in to it you may be disappointed on big peaks if your entire system abruptly stops playing. I've Been there and done that with the PP300 on a smaller rig without even my amp running on the PP!
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