PS Audio PP is adding noise to AC lines

I have a PP300 which does wonders for my digital front end. I would prefer to leave it on all the time since I have a tubed DAC. However, when the PP300 is on, it causes severe interference on my TV on another outlet to a point that I have to turn it off to watch TV. I am also concerned that this noise is being fed back during listening into my other audio equipment that is not plugged into the PP (pre,amp, TT, etc.). I have a Lab Cable on the PP and don't have any problems when no PP is present. Any suggestions.
I own two units and I would call their customer service. I just took both a noise sniffer and my scope to the line with my PP on it and mine certainly doesn't do that.
metaphysics do you have dedicated lines running to your gear, and one to your t.v. i run one to each digital. amp. and another for t.v. lights and other stuff. i have no problem. good luck
Reckon you should contact PS Audio and tell them about the inteference you are experiencing from the PP300 as you should not be pushing "hash" back into the line or externally from RF emmissions. Regards, Richard
I just noticed the same problem with a secondary stereo. My main system is on a dedicated line. I've written to PS Audio and will post their response here.