ps audio powerplant benefits

I have considered getting into one of the ps audio powerplants based on good reviews, etc. They offer several different products, however. Could some experienced users please comment on the benefits of multiwave 2 vs the original multiwave as well as the new cleaning feature. They also offer some filtering products as well, so any opinions on these would be welcomed as well.
MW 2 was the expected great step after just the normal board.
MW 1 didn't do a lot (for me). I run the PS 300 (MW2) feeding the Wadia 270/27ix combo. All I can say is that even with the extreme power supplies Wadia has in their designs (or maybe just BECAUSE of that fact!) the effect of the PowerPlant is not subtle!
I use the diffferent wave settings (basically "tube" and #1) for different music and it works wonderfully. So all I can say: it's true what Paul McGowan promises in his ads.
Good luck!
I wouldn't go back to running my kit without the P500's. It's the only hi-fi audio product I know of that provides a pure sine wave, voltage regulation, surge protection, isolation, de-gaussing (cleaning feature) and doesn't limit current. I use two P500's, one for my tube intgrated amp, and the other for my CDP, Intermezzo 2.6's, subwoofer, etc.
Multiwave II adds a variety of harmonics to the pure sine wave, including Tubewave for tube electronics. The P500 is expensive, but not more expensive than a lot of glorified surge protectors.
If you go to the website and click on "recommended components" and then click "accessories," you will find a brief but useful analysis of the relative strengths of the Powerplants and their possible weaknesses. The author's opinions pretty well mirrror my own. I have a p300 with multiwave I and can't comment on the relative merits of multiwave II.
thanks for your input