PS Audio Power Port AC receptacle?

Has anyone tried the new PS Audio Power Port AC receptacle yet? It is selling for $49, and I am wondering if it is an improvement over other reasonably priced outlets like the Hubble8300-I ? Opinions please. Thanks.
I have no experience with the PS receptacle, although some at audioasylum have suggested that the extensive nickel plating used may actually be detrimental to sound quality. I own a Hubell 20A hospital grade, as well as some Pass & Seymour 5262's, available for around $7 (a recent post at audioasylum suggested the 5262 A may be the best bet but don't know price on it-around $15 I think) which, in my opinion is every bit as good as the Hubbell for 1/3 the price. The Pass and Seymour 5242 is supposed to be excellent for around only $3. May be worth experimenting with at those prices. For what it's worth, the PS Audio is a 20A (like my Hubbell) and unless you have a 20A male plug, that is actually a bad thing, as the blade contact area in the receptacle and resulting "grip" on the plug are diminished when using standard 15A male plugs as compared to using a 15A receptacle.
Thanks for the tip Hdm. Still hope to hear from someone who has tried it.