PS Audio Power Plant Premier Power Cables

hi all, i am using a ps audio ac-12 on my ppp. i am using verastarr grand illusion power cords on my power amps.

im also in the market for a couple more power cords.
im thinking i may try some silver cords.

before i start changing cables around, i was wondering if anyone has tried some other high end cables on the ppp and would like to share their thoughts on this.

I am skimping on the cable from the wall to the PPP on the ground that if the PPP regenerates the power anyway, why would you need a expensive cable for AC coming in? You could test this theory by switching your AC-12 with the cable between souce component and PPP. Things should get better.

coming out of the PPP, I use AC-12s thoughout (preamp, player and DAC) with stellar results. To be honest I always considered expensive cabling a waste of money until I discovered the AC-12s.
According to PS Audio the cable leading to the PPP is an important part of its performance and they recommend using a better one than the one supplied. I have seen reviews like the one in HIFICRITIC make the same point. I have the Quintet and use the previous generation Statement SC, which is 6 gauge if I remember correctly. Edorr, I would try using one of your better cables on the PPP and see what you find.
I may (reluctantly) give it a try. I have one AC-12 between my PPP and universal player (used for MCH only), one between PPP and PWD/Bridge, and one between PPP and preamp, so I could very easily swap the AC-12 of one of my source components with the outlet to PPP cord to test the hypothesis. My sceptism has been proven occasionally misguided and sometimes justified. We'll see.

Did you try the swap? How did it go?
Thanks for reminding me. Have not gotten around to it yet. Too busy playing around with my new transparent audio ICs and speaker cables. Will give it a try soon.
I had a big improvement in upgrading the wall A/C duplex that goes to the PS Audio PPP with the Oyaide R-1 plug plus the Oyaide carbon fiber switchplate with aluminum mounting bracket.
I upgraded the power cable with a bmi cable and it was a big improvement, I would highly reccomend that you upgrade the cable, I also have my ppp on stillpoints and that is an upgrade on sound also. Just my 2 cents
Going from the PS Audio AC12 to the BMI Hammerhead MK5 is a staggering improvement. The AC12 sounds dull in comparison and the AC12 is no sloutch.
I upgraded the PC coming into my PPP and it made a huge difference. Homemade PC w/Oyaide Tunami cable and plugs. I use these on all my better gear. Harmonic Tech PC's otherwise.
I swapped out my $150 heavy gauge cable for an AC-12 and found there to be no improvement. Should I move further up the cable foodchain to get the results you guys appear to be getting? I have been a PC sketic until the AC-12 finally delivered, but between wall and PPP (soon to be P5) it did not work.
All systems are different; I would think the AC-12 would be good enough to demonstrate a difference if you were going to get one. I have a Shunyata and swiching between different 20 amp PCs was like changing amps so it all dependes on the rest of the system, the quality of the AC and who knows what other factors.
I have the PPP. I use the PS Audio mid-range AC-5 cable. I needed quite a long length..which made the higher end AC-10 and AC-12's out of the question. IMO, going with a better cable than that is a waste of $$$.
Reason: The power is regenerated from scratch. Any pollution or whatever is removed when they reduce the incoming voltage, massage it and then re-amplify it for output. A 10 guage wire seems more than adequate to handle the power drain from components plugged into the PPP, including power amps as long as the maximum wattage capablity of the PPP is not exceeded (800 watt continuous output power).
I finally bit the bullet and tried a pair of the Shunyata Phyton CX between the wall and my now 2 P5's. Fully expecting to hear no improvoment over the cheap (but very heavy gauge) cords I am currently using, I sat back and listened. It took me all of 15 seconds into the first track I was playing to hear substantial improvement.

I'll refrain from trying to describe the difference and will just keep it at "better" across the board. These Shunyata's are definitely staying. By the way, these cables are suprisingly light - not a lot of copper for a cable listed at $1200. Not sure what their secret sauce is, but it works.

I am even intrigued by the idea of swapping out a few more. I have currently a mix synergistic precision AC (preamp), PS Audio AC-12's (source components) and Mojo XPC-7's (poweramps). Any suggestions on which cable(s) to substitute for another shunyata are welcome.