PS Audio Power Plant Premier Issue

My PS Audio Power Plant Premier is off warranty and I was hoping someone may have had the same issue so I can tell my local tech.
It works fine/isn't hot, but it will turn off for a few seconds and turn back on.

Any Ideas?
Although it is out of warrantee, I would still call PS Audio to see if it is a common or easy fix.
With PS Audio, I've found they will refurbish your PPP for probably not too much dough. I had a P-300 they rebuilt for $250, and it was like new.

Get in touch with Mayoura at PSA, she'll take good care of you.
$500 is what they charge for the PPP. Not exactly chicken feed.
Have you tried unplugging and resetting it?
I unplug it and leave it off for the week. I only use my set up once a week and I turn it on the night before. Maybe that is why it is glitching. I did e-mail them and they will rebuild it for 500. A bit steep for me. I paid 950 used.
Thank-you people.
$500 for a re-build?? Why can't they just charge what it would cost to get it fixed? Why rebuild the engine when all you could need is a spark plug.
I was just quoted $500 to rebuild my vintage P300 within the last couple weeks. Elected to go a different route.